Erotic pictures of Laly, nude masseuse - (SZEN) in Paris

Laly, nude masseuse (SZEN)

The Epicurean 

Her pleasure is your pleasure .. Her sensual massages will make you cross the different degrees of sensuality.



Our Clients' Testimonials


"What a delightful discovery! I had a very nice time with the very sensual Laly. Under his nimble fingers, my body shivered with pleasure..."


"It is always a great moment for me to be massaged by a new member of Szen's team and when she is experienced like Laly, it's pure happiness.

The flexibility of a dancer, that I noticed right away!!
Thank you Laly for these 2 hours spent in your VERY charming company."


"Thank you Laly for this good time spent with you, admiring you from every angle, but there are no angles, only curves I never tire of..."


"Thank you Laly for this massage with 4 hands of a beautiful intensity and for the perfect harmony of the music that accompanied it. A treat..."