Nude Massages in Paris (6, 8 & 12th) and Neuilly

Nude Massages in Paris by the (SZEN) Institute

Thanks to our €400 = €560 credits (without expiration and useable for all our services), you will reduce the cost of you Exquisite Sensation to €100 from €140, for example!

ATTENTION, The credit is valid only for the institute where it was purchases.

Do not hesitate to ask you masseuse to learn more...


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Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)
Exquisite Sensation

About 60 minutes €140 (1hr30 €220)
Aphrodisiac (nude) massage for relaxation, accomplished by light touches, caresses and strokes. To summon forth feelings only felt from skin on skin touch...


Reflection on Pleasure

About 60 minutes €190 (1hr30: €270) - available at certain institutes
When one of your senses is excited…where will your vision take you? An Aphrodisiac (nude) massage to see for sure...



Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)
The Thrill of Pleasure

About 60 minutes €160 (1hr30: €240)
A massage that will thrill you with pleasure and heat you up...


The Four Shades of Szen

About 60 minutes €170 (1h30: €250)
A surprise massage, stunning... the only hint: its name...



Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)
The Angel's Caress

About 60 minutes €160 (1h30: €240)
Let your body thrill with pleasure on the wings of sensuality...


Discovering Your Senses

About 60 minutes €150 (1h30: €230)
Aphrodisiac (nude) massage for a bewildering and unique experience. The awakening of all your senses. Except sight... Your eyes will be blindfolded. Magic!


Massages naturistes à Paris par l'institut (SZEN)
The Six Sensualities

About 60 minutes €390 (1h30: €570)
Exclusive: an aphrodisiac (nude) massage performed by three nude masseuses, a surprise plan, extremely sensual... where will you put your eyes? Which hands are touching you? Succumb to temptation...


Irresistible Sensuality

About 60 minutes €290 (1h30: €390)
Reserved for couples. Aphrodisiac (nude) massage with four hands to please two in a moment of unique pleasure, made so by brushing caresses.




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